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Thank you for considering joining our team. Please fill out this short form and we will reach out to you soon if you qualify for an interview.

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Employee pay and responsibilities 


  • Daily

    • Cashier

    • Restock bins

    • Unload Trucks

    • Gather carts from parking lot

    • Organize totes to be used next day

    • Tidy up work areas

    • Clean out trash from bins

    • General cleaning and refiling toiletries in restrooms

  • Morning

    • Prep shopping bags 

  • Closing

    • Sweep floors (mop if necessary)

    • Count cash drawer / reconcile

    • Restock bins (if restock day)

E-Commerce Specialist 

  • Everything the Cashier/Staff does, plus:

    • Photograph items

    • List items under Deals4Days LLC ecommerce account

    • Manage inventory

    • Pack and ship items once they sell


  • Requirements

    • Retail management/supervisor experience ​

      • or high level liquidation/bin store experience ​

    • General leadership skills

  • Duties:

    • Create Schedule

    • Facilitate Truckloads

    • Facilitate restocks

      • Thursday, throughout Friday, Friday night

    • Reconcile cash register

    • Drop cash at bank

    • Facebook live on restock days

    • Instagram posts

    • Cashier when needed

    • Hire/Fire general staff

    • Training/orientation

    • Backfill call offs

    • Delegate lunches and breaks to general staff

Employees are allowed to shop on their breaks and days off (minimum 3 hours after we open)

10% off employee discount

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